Maia Flore
Sleep Elevations


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Sleep Elevations
“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night,” Edgar Allan Poe.

This is how these girls, carried away in the air by objects, let themselves travel through boundless landscapes. Flying towards dreamed lands, making real a complete attraction between the character, his ideal universe and the world they live in: that is where these girls lead us. Their contorted movements are merging with the shape of the one revealing their passion. Mix of an imaginary realism and childhood memories, these beings in levitation invite us to dream, limitlessly.

My working process is an examination of the coincidences between our world and our imagination. Using photography makes possible to play between reality and unrealizable. A picture to create a universe, in its every ethereal details, in which I play, and put into play the scenes. It could be like a theater and my first experiences of being in another reality began in books and on stage. Inspired by literature, music and other forms of art, I create short narrative scenes sometimes bizarre or even surreal, my pictures are always ambiguous in that the viewer can only imagine that which remains outside of the frame. Instead of relating a specific story this is a suggestion of psychological and symbolical charged scenarios. Recently, I become interested in exploring methods of depicting that which could allow the viewer the experience of recognizing the invisible and the immaterial in an image rather than that which is pictured on its visible surface: an atmosphere, an emotion, a longing, that which resides in one's inner self and not in the material world.

-Maia Flore