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Jenny Honnert Abell



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The Book Covers

The book covers began as exercises. A one-day collage was the objective, training me to make quick observations and selections. The laborious backgrounds of the larger works on paper were to be absent, replaced by the cover of a book that has been handled for years giving it a beautiful, natural, aged patina, needing no further embellishment. Working with the risk of spontaneity demands a light mind and hand, but can result in work unencumbered by the heaviness which can result when allowing more time.

That did not last long as this new small sumptuous format drew me in to work with the same approach to deliberate over imagery, materials, and execution. I still try to reach the original, lofty goal.

Sometimes I do and somtimes I don't.

But I am optimistic.

– Jenny Honnert Abell




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