Jefferson Hayman

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Nostalgia has always affected me and influenced my work – I want to be careful and not fall into the trap of being nothing more then a copyist however, so I work in ways that my influences can be seen but that I can still maintain a contemporary footing. In terms of emotions triggered by viewers – I hear quite a variety: silence, loneliness, calming, mysterious.

My studio walls are filled with empty, antique frames. The sizes and various elements of the frame dictate what photograph will go inside. A reverse way of creating the final product I guess. I actually enjoy my work tremendously when it is displayed without a frame – they take on the role of odd little family photographs. When displaying in this way I usually fill up antique boxes with the unframed photos – so there is still a trace element of the frame or housing of the work. I find that people enjoy actually handling and touching the photographs as they sift through the box – I guess its an oddity to go against the 'preciousness' notions of art…excerpted from The Frames Choose the Photographs: An Interview with Jefferson Hayman
by Juliette Ludeker.

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