Jason Engelund

Shifting the Frame, Light Lines, & Photo Enso


photo enso

Shifting the Frame | Light Lines | Photo Enso

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Approaching photography as a method of capturing light, Jason Engelund creates compositions that investigate light's ability to evoke transcendental and contemplative experiences. Engelund starts from the Greek translation of photography: phos "light" and graphé "drawing". From there he has created a style that is interdisciplinary, combining the aesthetics of painting and mechanics of photography. While his abstract photos can lead the viewer to think the art work is painted or digitally altered, the images are created in camera. Images are captured with slight alterations to the lens, soft focus and long exposures. The work is sometimes shot at night and often prints are made from negatives. Juxtaposing the subjective nature of perception and the "truth" of photography, Engelund's work raises questions regarding our experience of light.

Jason Engelund is a founding staff member of the California College of the Arts Center for Art and Public Life, a department using the arts to address issues of social justice, civic engagement, diversity and education. His work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Engelund lives with his wife and daughter in Oakland, California.


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