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:: Current Exhibition ::

Maia Flore - Sleep Elevations

Kristina Varaksina - Mystery of the Female

Main Gallery
exhibition extended to July 26, 2014

  :: Approaching the Unreal:: APA SF Curator's Voice Exhibition
:: September 3 through 27, 2014 ::

In recent years, quite possibly the last decade, we have been fascinated with the playful and evocative narratives that fine art photographers and digital art image-makers have been telling. From the gallerist perspective, it fascinates us to observe art collectors as they navigate through the gallery; spending time with a particular artwork, and almost become spellbound while questioning the reality of it all. We find this interlude from reality provides a new light for visitors to re-evaluate their suspension of disbelief.

Approaching the Unreal, invited artists to submit artwork that will captivate and transport visitors to imaginative worlds and dreamlike situations.

Approaching the Unreal exhibition: September 4-27, 2014
Reception: September 4, 5:30-7:30pm

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