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Frank De Mulder ::
through August 30, 2014

For our end of summer exhibition, Modernbook Gallery will have photographs by Frank De Mulder. De Mulder's photographs shows the delicate sensual world of women—from fragile and emotional to flamboyant and erotic—always at the highest level of beauty.

Please stop by during the art walk to enjoy the images and for a refreshing glass chardonnay!

Art Walk: August 7, 5:30-7:30pm

  :: Approaching the Unreal:: APA SF Curator's Voice Exhibition
:: September 3 through 27, 2014 ::

In recent years, quite possibly the last decade, we have been fascinated with the playful and evocative narratives that fine art photographers and digital art image-makers have been telling. From the gallerist perspective, it fascinates us to observe art collectors as they navigate through the gallery; spending time with a particular artwork, and almost become spellbound while questioning the reality of it all. We find this interlude from reality provides a new light for visitors to re-evaluate their suspension of disbelief.

Approaching the Unreal, invited artists to submit artwork that will captivate and transport visitors to imaginative worlds and dreamlike situations.

Approaching the Unreal exhibition: September 4-27, 2014
Reception: September 4, 5:30-7:30pm

left: Girl in the Moon, Tami Bone

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